Workshop Nutrisanté: breakfast and oilseeds

New!  A workshop of healthy in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. According to several studies, people who eat well the morning lose more weight than those who skip breakfast. If eating at the daybreak is a headache for you and if you lack ideas…

9 March 2016
Dairy free Gluten free Main dish Winter

The cassoulet

Eating well does not mean deprivation and it is quite possible to eat healthy food without giving up some traditional dishes. Cassoulet is one of them. Cassoulet is a french one dish meal, a regional specialty of Languedoc. Originally it used to be a peasant family recipe made…

2 December 2015


  Ratatouille is a stew of vegetables from the South of the France. And as I am currently there now, at the beginning of the fall season, cooking and filling the house with the smell of slowly cooked vegetables is a pure pleasure Originally…

27 September 2015

Which diet is right?

But what is the right diet to follow? That is the question that I often get asked. “What is the right thing to eat? What diet do you recommend? In other words what should I eat to be slim and fit? Nowadays you can easily…

5 August 2015

Diet or lifestyle?

Ah! The question we ask me often. “What is the right diet to do? ” “What diet do you recommend? ” In other words what should I eat to be slim and in shape? There are today a wide range of diets aimed at…

4 August 2015