Hello and welcome to Nutrimonde!

My name is Marie-Rose and the purpose of this blog is to be a place of sharing ideas and recipes to help you smoothly integrate new eating habits everyday.

“The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

Well, he understood 400 years before Christ, what modern medicine is finding for the last decades: the sharp influence of food on our health and how its role is crucial to the functioning of our body whether for good or bad. And about that, I have a little story to tell you …

My story

My interest in nutrition therapy grew out of a personal need.

Couple of years ago my health deteriorated inexplicably and rapidly within few months. I should mention here that prior to that, I have always been healthy. Within few weeks, I developed violent headaches and felt my body weakening day by day. Strong migraines (continual hammer in the head), nausea, ringings in the ear, lost of appetite and exhaustion became all part of my routine.

The first doctor I met, after a 2 minutes auscultation, sent me back home with 2 tylenols and the promise that I will be restored in two days! But I was sick for several months.

I consulted several doctors afterwards and had a battery of tests. The diagnosis ended with headache tensions due to body exhaustion. Generally, in such cases, traditional medicine prescribes some pills, sends you home and wishes you good luck.

This leave of absence for several weeks led me to do research on the link between nutrition (a subject that always fascinated me) and chronic disease. One thing leading to another, I went back to studies and got a Nutritherapy Practitioner Diploma at the Alternative Medicine College of Canada. During the course, I made many changes to my diets and slowly my health improved, I got a renewed vitality and as a bonus my waist got slimmer! No magic formula, only changes.

My philosophy

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

– La Rochefoucault

The composition of our food in our plates has a direct influence on our physical and mental health.

The nutrition industry has changed a lot since the last century by putting focus on fast, convenient and processed foods, prepared for you by the food industry. We abandoned whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables in season and replaced them by tremendous portions of meats, refined sugars and oils. These changes ended by becoming toxic food for our health, generating the common chronic diseases of our century. Hello fatigue and lack of vitality!

So if food is an essential fuel to our body, let us then make some changes, learn to eat what is healthy for our body and of course tasty to our palate!