Diet or lifestyle?

4 August 2015

Ah! The question we ask me often. “What is the right diet to do? ” “What diet do you recommend? ” In other words what should I eat to be slim and in shape?

There are today a wide range of diets aimed at weight loss. These diets have not only an effect on the body, but they also risk exposing ourselves to an important nutritional imbalance (vitamins, trace elements, minerals, etc.).

Thus, restrictive diets – i.e. deprivation of food – are to banish and replace by a lifestyle that promotes healthy eating, because it will be beneficial to the body in the long term.

But healthy eating (which I discuss throughout this site) is part of a set called lifestyle.

When we talk about lifestyle, us immediately comes to mind the image of the body and environmental cleanliness.  But the science of vital hygiene goes far beyond these two elements. In fact, there is a plethora of elements linked together, to be applied in the daily to optimize the health, energy and vitality. For some, this approach was used to cure them of their incurable disease.

In 1822, Dr. Isaac Jennings, physician for 20 years and not satisfied with the results of the popular medical methods of his time, renounce the use of medication to his patients and chooses the use of natural principles for the optimization of health, as the young. He subsequently became the founder of vital hygiene.

What is therefore vital hygiene?

This is a set of rules for basic and natural life allowing us to preserve health and restore it in case of illness.  These rules are interconnected and must be part of our daily lives:

  1. Pure air
  2. Quality water
  3. Adequate body temperature (97-99 F)
  4. Clean internal without pollutant
  5. Sleep
  6. Adequate food
  7. Regular physical activity
  8. Exposure to the Sun
  9. Rest, relaxation
  10. Natural nutrition
  11. Security and meaning in life
  12. Creative work
  13. Self-control

4 cherriesactivities linked together to optimize health

1. Change your diet and go natural!

Focus on fruits and vegetables in season, enjoy balanced meals and eliminate refined sweets and treats are the basis of a shift to the right shape. Eating increases the vitality and allows us to better…

2. Move!

A physical activity adapted to our personality and exercised regularly — such as walking, swimming, gardening, etc. -has a beneficial and invaluable effect on the Organization and leads the good mood. Exercise physical activity the day allows us to better…

3. Sleep at night!

Our cells regenerate during sleep.

To promote this time, apply some principles such as eating light and not hearty dinner early in the evening to facilitate digestion and sleep in a ventilated room silent and in darkness. Because a good night’s sleep helps to…

4. Chase away stress!

Massage, smile, healthy relationships, meditation and prayer from a life rich in spirituality are all simple and natural ways that, well applied, allow us to stress and enjoy the present moment.

The diet by excellence? It begins with a healthy life plan.

For this, I offer you a colorful summer dessert!

Eat your cherries!

They are diuretic, rich in potassium and trace minerals, antioxidant, reduce inflammation and disinfect the intestines!


Cherry clafoutis
Temps de préparation / Prep time
Cuisson / Cook time
Recipe adapted and slightly modified chocolate and Zucchini.
: Dessert
Cuisine: Gluten-free
Portions: 8 persons
Ingrédients / Ingredients
  • 3 eggs, yellow and white separated
  • 200 g Greek yogurt
  • 180 ml honey or maple syrup
  • 70 g flour almond
  • 85 g chestnut flour or amaranth
  • 1 ACC orange juice
  • 500 g fresh cherries
Préparation / Preparation
  1. Preheat oven to 350 F and grease a 30 cm tart Pan (I used coco butter)
  2. Equeuter and pit cherries
  3. In a bowl, Beat egg yolks with yogurt and honey. Add the flour and mix without too beat
  4. In another bowl, or your electric mixer on foot, mount the egg whites in the snow with the orange juice, until soft peaks
  5. Using a spatula, fold the whites gently to the first mixture and pour into the mould
  6. Have the cherries in the mixture by pushing slightly
  7. Bake 40 to 50 minutes. Cool and enjoy at room temperature!

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