The surprising link between our personality and our way of eating

5 August 2016

And if our eating habits were dictated by our personality traits? Ho there! you will say. It goes too far… And yet! A study by the Swiss magazine Appetite submitted to 1,000 people over 55 years 3 questionnaires – 1st on the personality, the 2nd on the eating habits and the 3rd on food choices – to determine personality traits related to our eating habits.

Furthermore, Juliet A. Boghossian, behavioral and founder of Food-ology food expert, explains the link between the types of eaters portraits and our range. Of course, there are habits that are derived from our social and family culture or simply the circumstances of the time. But it is still difficult to totally get rid of its personal tendencies, is not it?

Hunt the natural, he returned quickly to the Gallop!

Let’s see 8 traits of personalities in your way of eating and with everything everyone has for and against.


1 – The slow Eater

He loves to enjoy and savor its food and it is not pressed. Every bite is mas-ti-quee tran-that-lle-ment. It is the same in life. He prefers a job well done and quickly. Do not shove!

Our amateur of food in this category saw the moment and he knows how to enjoy life. J. Boghossian, these personalities can be somewhat stubborn and not very flexible on their way to work.

The catch: it may be unaware of the real time around him. If you are a slow eater, (point of view digestion, it is excellent) still remember to adjust your pace to those who accompany you.

2 – The eater is pressed

It is pressed, it tends to swallow quickly and it doesn’t have the time too chew. Quickly! What is next? It is one that is made for dessert when his companion (slow Eater) is same not halfway to his plate.

In this case it is a person who respects the timelines in life. In addition it is capable of processing several files at a time. On the other hand, it tends to be competitive and productive.

The catch: the press does not give enough time for himself. What to add to its menu: relax and learn to enjoy the present moment.

3 – The well-organized Eater

Everything is well placed on the plate. The meat should not touch the rice and the vegetables should be placed in such a way without touching the starchy.

Obviously there is here a person organized and orderly life. A person who do not like the changes. It works well with a list in mind, and at home, she complains about being the only to wash the dishes or cleaning.

So, this type of Eater must learn to let go of taken, sometimes change rigid patterns and tame the changes.

4 – The adventurous eater and curious

He likes to try new dishes. At the restaurant, he is not afraid to place an order for an exotic meal with unfamiliar spices. Long live the culinary experience.

We can say that this Eater is not routine and boring. He loves travel, risk, and new ideas. He is extroverted and we like his company.

But be careful: the adventurous Eater must remember that everyone doesn’t have the same sense of adventure that he. He must learn to respect the limit of others.

5 – The eater one ingredient at a time

It likes to eat in the first place the meat in full, then the vegetables and a last place starches (or vice versa). There’s even a sequence! It is not one food to another before completing the first.

This person is meticulous, methodical and perfectionist. It lingers on details and in life and it is important to perform its duties with conscience.

The catch: this Eater could be rigid. Even if everything looks organized and clear in his head, he should learn that not everyone has the same perspective as him in life.

6 – The eater that mixes everything

Then, there it takes a bite of everything and at the same time. A bit of vegetables, a mouthful of rice, a piece of meat…

In life, it is a Jack-of-all-trades. He is a responsible, strong being into friendship and at the height of the situations. He said no to new situations.

The problem: he no longer knows where to put priorities. Focus friends!

7 – The eater who cut his food in advance

Here, we cut everything on the plate before eating. We like to prepare in advance.

This Eater has big dreams and like plan. Let’s say that he likes to anticipate. He has a little trouble to live in the present moment.

He would enjoy the present moment.

8 – The difficult Eater

Restaurant, he always asks about something specific. Green olives instead of black, raspberries instead of strawberries, soda instead of coffee.

In the movie a good thought, an American tourist arrives in a french bistro in the South of France and past ordering a Salad Niçoise (typical of the region). With a specific request.  «I have a Nicoisey with a Ranch dressing little caloric and served aside, it all sprinkled with Bacon chips» (free translation). Nothing less.

Then there one speaks comfort and feel good in her skin. This is a person who asks questions but who still likes to stay within his comfort zone.

You’ll understand. Also the fact that he must chew slowly (and I repeat myself), there not a good or bad way to eat.

And you, what type of Eater are you?

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