Workshop Nutrisanté: breakfast and oilseeds

9 March 2016

New!  A workshop of healthy in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

According to several studies, people who eat well the morning lose more weight than those who skip breakfast. If eating at the daybreak is a headache for you and if you lack ideas and energy to know what to eat the morning pressed, here is a workshop where you will learn the importance of breakfast, what is the establishment of a balanced breakfast and how to prepare simple, tasty and especially nutritious recipes. Zoom on the nuts that are natural allies for better health. Assured energy!

The menu and taste:

  1. Breakfast: what is balanced breakfast?
  2. How to make vegetable milk to almond and hemp two-step three movements
  3. Smoothie with vegetable milk protein
  4. Pudding at the chia for busy mornings
  5. From a single ingredient almond butter
  6. Noisella chocolate with 3 ingredients

More: you will be returned to you with:

  • a copy of the recipes concocted during the workshop
  • a list of the 7 nuts to incorporate in your diet to help your metabolism.

Look forward to seeing you!

To reserve your spot:

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